The Wallhouse Hotel Vision

To create a collection of upscale hotels at fascinating destinations—that’s our vision for The Wallhouse Hotels. We believe the most effective way to achieve this vision is through our mission, which is to inspire an enjoyable and refreshing experience by providing immaculate rooms, engaging spaces, and unmatched personal service without compromising our core values—integrity, serving, and desire. It’s all about you, our guests. We promise that we will never forget this simple, yet often overlooked, principle.

What’s Next for the Wallhouse Hotel

The Wallhouse Hotel is currently looking to expand in new destinations. We don't intend to be the hotel “at the next exit.” Instead, as our vision says, it is our desire to be located within fascinating destinations.

If you would like to become a part of The Wallhouse Hotel experience as an owner or investor, or if you would like to suggest where the next Wallhouse Hotel should be located, contact us. Either way, we thank you for being part of our journey.