The Wallhouse Hotel—Designed with You in Mind

Each of The Wallhouse Hotels were designed from the bottom up with you in mind.

We know one of the most important things you want in a hotel is peace and quiet, and that’s why you'll love our signature Whisper Design, a building technology that ensures you won’t be bothered by interior or exterior noise. From triple-pane glass and concrete floors to double walls with specially designed acoustical material, your stay promises to be a quiet one.

Another top design feature of our Wallhouse Hotels is the Energy Smart system. Designed to use very low levels of operating energy without giving up comfort and style, Energy Smart is an innovative collection of energy-saving features. We started with super-insulated walls, added ENERGY STAR® doors and windows, and then added an exclusive heating and cooling system. In addition, we made simple yet responsible choices like using LED light bulbs and programmable thermostats—all in an effort to make your stay a smart one.

When it comes to engaging spaces, The Wallhouse Hotels have it covered. Crisp lines and sleek décor are expressed in an upscale, modern design. And, since engaging doesn't stop with attractive, we also made it functional. We made sure you would have plenty of accessible outlets for all your electronic needs. We've given you enough light to flood the room. And, you can use your stone-topped sitting bar for a casual meal, an intense game of cards, or a place to catch up on the work you didn't do while you were at the pool.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Wallhouse Hotel in Walnut, where you can experience our unique design in person.